Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Heading Home

Here I am dressing you. You didn't really like it too much but Mommy was just excited to finally bring you home. We spent two nights in the hospital and Mommy and Daddy wanted to get home.

Look how adorable you are. I think this outfit was a little too big for you, but you look cute.

Daddy holding you waiting for the nurse to come and wheel Mommy down in the wheel chair.

Here she is. We're ready to go. This will be your first time outdoors.

Daddy has all of our bags and goodies we got while in the hospital.

Figuring out the car seat. Daddy wanted to make sure you were in there safe.

And here you are. Pooped out and ready to go HOME!!!

Who does Noah look like???

Here you are 1 day old. We're still debating who you look like. I think you have Mommys nose but besides that I think you favor your Dad. What do you think???

So In Love with YOU!

Mommy & Daddy really can't get over how adorable you are. We could just look at you all day long. You are so little yet alert. It's amazing to see you look into our eyes.

Look how little you are compared to Mommy's hand. That's really small.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Getting all cleaned up @ the Hospital

Not sure you knew what you were in for in the photo.
So you figured it out and weren't liking your bath one bit, afterall it made you cold.
Daddy held your hand and comforted you when you cried during your bath. You actually stopped crying when he would talk to you. It was really cute.
Under the warmer all bundled up after your first sponge bath from the nurse.

You & Daddy

It was so amazing how you instantly had a bond with Daddy. Here you are gazing into his eyes. Daddy is so proud to be your father.
You couldn't stop looking at him. Daddy and you are going to do so many things together as you grow up, I can't wait to watch.
Love at first Site!!! Your Daddy is going to be the BEST dad ever!!!

Welcome to our family

Here you are laying on my stomach minutes after you were born. You are so wide eyed and alert. You couldn't help yourself from looking all around the room.
Mommy & Daddy XOXOXOXO (So in love with eachother and now you!!!)
Our family!!! Daddy, Mommy, & Noah
Something tells me you're going to be getting kisses all the time. YOU ARE TOO CUTE!!!


Mommy was bawling the entire time I was giving birth to you. And when Mommy saw you for the first time words couldn't express how I felt. above are photos of Daddy coming over to Mommy after you were born. You can see yourself in the background getting cleaned up.
Here you are getting all of your measurements taken.

Friday, July 31, 2009

And You've Arrived...

On July 16, 2009 at 6:28pm. you entered into our lives. You were 7lbs. 0oz. and 19.25 inches long. Here is Doctor Barthalamu delivering you. He wasn't our real doctor because he was out of town but he was great none the less.


When it came time to pushing I was really numb from the waist down because of the epidural. I didn't know if I was doing a good job pushing or not. I couldn't even feel in my stomach that I was pushing b/c of the numbness so I kept asking everyone is he coming out??? I did eventually feel some pressure but no pain from him entering the world. Again, thank goodness for epidurals!!! I was crying from happiness the whole time I was pushing thinking THIS IS IT, I'M GOING TO BE A MOM ANY SECOND!!!


Once the contractions began Mommy couldn't believe the pain she felt. Mommy was crying so much and Daddy was by her side the whole time. At first there was a good amount of time between the contractions but as labor went on there didn't seem to be a break at all. At one point they checked Mommy and she was 3cm. Pretty much right after they checked her she began to have major pain/pressure during the contractions. Mommy kept saying she felt tons of pressure in her bottom. It was so weird. She just kept saying, "Make it stop, I don't like it!" After a little bit because Mommy felt so much pressure they decided to check me again and she was 9cm. it wasn't long after that when the nurses had Mommy start pushing.

Mommy did get an epidural which was amazing!!! She highly recommends them. "SMILE" Everyone who was there says Mommy was being pretty funny once the epidural kicked in. Above was during a break in the contractions after she had the epidural.

Here's Daddy taking care of Mommy. He was the only person Mommy really wanted to look at during labor. Mommy relied on him entirely He held my hand and would talk to me and help me get through each and every contraction.

Let's get this show started...

Well they started Mommy on petosin once I was in my room. Here I am waiting for the contractions to start up. Wont have my belly for too much longer.
Here Mommy is with my mom and dad (Grampy Shervanick and Grandma Shervanick) They were both so excited to meet you. At this point I was beginning to feel the contractions but was o.k. in between the pain.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Triage Evaluation here I come...

About 9:00am. 7/16/209: So before you're actually admitted to the hospital they take you into the Triage room where they examine you to see if you're actually in labor. A lot of moms are sent away and since I didn't have ANY CONTRACTIONS at all I was sort of scared they'd send me home. I told them I thought my water had broke and they asked, "When?" I said, "About 5:00pm. yesterday." They were shocked I hadn't come in yesterday. I told them the doctors office said to come in the morning if I hadn't felt any contractions so that's what I did. I then began to worry that I waited to long and I should have gone in when I thought my water had broke.
Here I am waiting for them to exam me to see if in fact my water had broke And when the result was YES it had broke they strapped on a little bracelet and I was ADMITTED!!! They said they were going to induce me and give me pitosin because they didn't want me to go to long after having my water broken without having you. SO TODAY IS THE DAY!!!

The Hospital

Here is a photo of Summerlin Hospital Medical Center where you were born.

Heading to the Hospital...

So it was 2am. and I still wasn't having contractions so I decided to just go to sleep and wake up in the morning and head to the hospital. Here Daddy is bringing down all of our/your things to the truck. When we got home from Grampy's house I had to pack up everything b/c I wasn't completely done. We didn't have the car seat in the truck or anything so Daddy got that installed.

Mommy on the way to the hospital. You might notice Zeus on my lap, we took him and Zoey to Grandma Shervanick's on the way to the hospital to stay with her and Aunt Jody until we getting settled at home with you. Your proud Daddy taking me in. It was so odd not being in active labor on the way to the hospital. I always imagined being in huge pain and having to yell at Daddy to drive faster!!! I felt completely fine like nothing had ever happened. It was so odd. I walked into the hospital from the parking lot, carried one of the bags, it was so weird. I was still thinking, "Is this really happening?" Am I going to have this baby today?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Grandma Budge & Aunt Susan come to town...

While we were at Grampy's house Daddy called Grandma Budge and told her what was happening. She lives in Cedar City and had planned on driving to Vegas when I went into labor so her and Aunt Susan began the drive to Las Vegas. Here they are when they got to our place.

Daddy & Grandma Budge
Aunt Susan & Mommy

They were trying to show me different moves that might start the contractions. It was pretty funny. We even took a long walk around the neighborhood but when we started to sweat from the heat (mind you it's midnight) we decided to head into the air conditioning. The dogs were being so odd. They knew something was going on but didn't know what.

Just relaxing watching some T.V.

Dinner @ my Dad and step Moms (Grampy & Grammy)

5:30 pm. 7-15-2009: I showed up to Grampy & Grammy's house and when I stood up from the car to walk inside I noticed a large warm feeling. I looked down and the crotch of my white shorts was wet. At this point I'm thinking if I just peed that much in my pants I really have a problem!!! I walked into the house and Grampy was waiting for me to say hi to him and Mommy was like, "I need to go to the bathroom." And Grampy said well at least say, "Hi." And Mommy said, "No I really need to go to the bathroom." It was funny although he had no idea what was going on b/c I wasn't going to say I just peed my pants. hahaha.... Anyway after going in the bathroom I realized it wasn't pee. It was clear. I then yelled out the door if they had some gym shorts I could slip on. Again they were confused b/c they had no idea what was happening. After I cleaned myself up I went out and told them. I wasn't too sure what to do. Daddy called and said he was on his way (he was at work and was meeting me there) I told him what happened and he said, "So that's your water breaking. We need to go to the hospital don't we?" It was really cute. He was super excited. I hadn't had any contractions at all so I wasn't sure if I was actually in labor. I told just come and we'd talk when he got there. He showed up, we began eating and as long as I was sitting I was fine but when I stood up more water would leak. It was gross but that's when I really started to think THIS IS IT!!! It's time, it's happening. I called the hospital and explained everything and they said to come in and they would do a test to see if indeed that was my water that broke and if it was and I didn't have any contractions they'd probably induce me. I called the Doctors office after and the on call Doctor said if I wasn't having any contractions that it was o.k. to just stay at home and take my time coming in. It was getting late so I said well if I'm getting ready to go to sleep should I come in before hand if I still haven't felt anything or should I sleep. The Doctor said try to sleep and if I haven't felt contractions by morning to come in when I wake up so that's what we planned on doing. Although I part of me really wanted to go to the hospital just to make sure that I was in labor. That my water did indeed break.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Did I just pee my pants a little??? Or was that my water???

So I needed to print off some photos from my camera because I wanted to clear room on my SD cards for birth photos. My Dad and step mom invited Aaron & I over for dinner @ 5:30 so I planned to stop by Walmart on my way over to print out photos. When I arrived at Walmart, about 4:45 I found a parking spot and then sat in the car . I really had no energy and was debating whether or not to go in and stand at the photo machine. After a few minutes I got out of the car and went into Walmart. As I stood at the Kodak picture maker editing photos I felt a little warmness and thought, "Did I just pee?" I secretly felt my crotch t make sure it hadn't leaked through my white shorts and they ere dry so I continued editing. A minute later the same thing again. "What is happening?" I've never had the whole leaking pee while pregnant thing so I stopped my picture editing and headed to the bathroom. I peed normally and thought wow I must have just really had to pee. I decided to leave at that point and head to my dads for dinner. On my way to my dads my god friend Ashley called and I was telling her that there was no baby yet and that I didn't have any contractions, and the doctor said yesterday I wasn't dilated at all. I then said, "This is embarrassing, but I'll tell you anyway.I was just in Walmart and I peed my pants twice. I thought maybe it's my water but it was just a small leakage. So I assume I peed how awful is that, I asked? She laughed. It was really funny telling her at the time.

Your Due Date!!!! (40 weeks pregnant)

So today is July 15, 2009 and today is your due date but here I am having Daddy take some photos of me before he heads off to work and guess what? I'm still pregnant. No contractions, no anything. I'm a little frustrated but I guess you being born on your due date would be a little too perfect!!!
Like I said I am 40 weeks today. Wanted Daddy to take some shots because who knows how much longer I will be pregnant for. Hopefully not too long.

Cheese. Just got my hair colored all brown. Figured it'd be low maintence for when you arrive. Still getting used to it.

Possibly my lat belly shot!!!